Averland Adventures: The Blue Reach Delta

1st Session (GM Recap): Gnoblar Assault

The farm of Wilhelm Niederlitz is attacked by a hungry Sabertusk seeking food for its owner’s group of hungry Gnoblars that are in the area. Axel and Pieter drive it away but not before it kills a horse and rips off a leg.

Following it into the wooded mountain region east of the property, they discover a sizable group of goblin-like creatures, but retreat when discovered by a force too large to take on, despite also finding Erik and Dolwen. Getting further help from Southern Suns Keep in the form of Eckhardt and Adam, they venture into the woods to find the now-identified Gnoblars.

After a search of the woods, the party makes their way through a series of traps set up by the Gnoblar Trappers and finally finds a cave where the Gnoblars and their Ogre Hunter leader are making camp. The Hunter sends half the group off to report back to their unknown masters, while he holds the line against the party with the remaining Gnoblars and the earlier Sabertusk. After a fierce battle, the party prevails but are left too wounded to pursue the escaped Gnoblars, leaving the question of their presence a mystery for now.



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