Averland Adventures: The Blue Reach Delta

Sometimes dead-dead is better...

To: Berholt Eisenhauser, Captain, Imperial Roadwardens

From: Pieter Konrad


I certainly hope that Axel hasn’t sent you any new reports recently. I’m afraid that while his style of reporting is more entertaining than mine, he can be less than factual at times. I can hear him now complaining that he always tell the truth, to which I can only reply yes – just not all of it…

After slaying the assassins that we had managed to trap in Shantytown amongst the building, we heard screams coming from down what passed as streets in this area of Nuln. Axel took a quick look and I heard him say “Awesome!” My heart immediately sank. I figured that I may as well get it over with and charged out into the street to see what we had landed ourselves into this time. I remember a time when a shambling horde of undead would have filled me with terror – alas, those days are far behind me. I am indeed a long way from chasing bandits along the byways of the empire.

My companions opened fire with a deadly barrage of shafts, stones, and darts. I got a little closer and added some fire and brimstone to the mix. Our shots began to tell and we could see that we were having some success in winnowing their ranks. It was at this time that the mob broke up and began moving into the shacks of Shantytown and began attacking the inhabitants within. Picking the nearest building, I burst through the flimsy wall and smashed a skeleton to the ground. All around me I could hear a variety of yelps, groans, and screams as the other members of my party had accountings of their own with the lurching horrors.

I heard a screech of pure, undistilled rage and then the pattering sound of halfling feet followed by a meaty thud. Apparently, Adam had spied a zombie get hit in the face with a pie and the site had enraged him to such a degree that he engaged the offender in hand-to-hand combat. Axel later told me that he had heroically leapt through a window and saved a young girl from the zombie that had been about to attack her.

As I made way out of the building I was in, using the door this time, I was attacked by another skeleton. I managed to get a solid hit on it, driving it backwards. My next two swings took it high and then low, exploding it into a cloud of dust and brittle bone. Hacking, spitting, and partially blinded I charged through the debris and ran face first into another one. My instinctive stroke upwards caught it under the chin and launched its head off of its shoulders and sent it rolling out of sight into an alley. Kicking the body out of my way, I charged around the nearest corner.

I should have looked first.

I don’t know the proper name of the thing I ran into, but I do know that it was plenty nasty. I took a swing anyway and managed a solid hit. That was a good thing because my next where dodge with appalling ease. I could hear the sound of combat all around me, but I had no idea what was going on or how we were doing. It was right at that point that I realized that there were two of the creatures, not just one. Dolwen must have heard my yelp of dismay because he came pelting around the corner to my aid.

I distinctly heard “Thaaaattt’s AWESOME!!” coming from my right and again, I had huge sense of impending doom. The next thing I heard was large, heavy footfalls – the source of the awesome-ness no doubt. I looked up and immediately began running – away from the fight as fast as I could. I remember hearing a hiss of frustration from Dolwen as I left him to the tender mercies of the two nasties we were engaged with. I don’t know what happened, I only know that I have never been so terrified in my entire life. Honestly, I had almost cleared Shantytown entirely before I managed to stop myself and go back.

As soon as I rounded the corner, I was almost overcome with common sense and turned back around. In the middle of the street was a monstrous undead creature. It was about the same size as the Doombull we had fought back in the Delta. Clad in rags, wielding fists the size of hams and bellowing in rage, no wonder my body had decided to beat feet regardless of what my mind was telling. Axel was scampering around taunting it for some reason.

I ran towards Dolwen and re-engaged the nasties. I wasn’t much help as my first two swings missed badly. It was either my shaking hands or knocking knees – not too sure. I got my feet under me and my next two cuts drove it to the ground and out of the fight. Dolwen dispatched his with his customary ease. Looking up, I noticed that the large creature was now chasing Axel – I almost sympathized, as he has that effect on me sometimes. I drew my remaining pistol and took a shot. I saw the ball hit dead center – puff of dust and everything but it did nothing. Joy.

It did, however, get his attention and both he and a large armored skeleton moved forward to attack Dolwen and I. The skeleton moved towards me and the monsterous beast lumbered towards Dolwen. I took a swing at the skeleton and scored a solid hit. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dolwen struck by blow that took him off of his feet and through the side of the closest shack. How very, very good…The skeleton struck at me, but I parried the blow off of my shield and took a moment to take a look at the situation.

I could see that most of my friends were almost finished with their opponents, so I took a final swing at the skeleton and then disengaged. Both of the beasts followed after me. I took some minor lumps, but managed to get clear of melee. In one and twos, the rest of the party weighed in and started peppering the monster with arrows, sling stones, and magic darts. As I tried to withdraw further, the skeleton hammered a blow past my guard that almost took me out, but I stayed in the fight. I could almost smell victory past the graveyard reek of our foes. Eventually our superior numbers won the day and our final foe fell. Looking about and breathing heavily, I realized that I was almost getting used to this sort of thing and what a sorry state of affairs that was.

Until next time, may Sigmar guard your steps and the Lady of Justice guide your hand.



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