Averland Adventures: The Blue Reach Delta

The Long Awaited Epilogue Story

Its been three weeks since the Battle at Southern Sun Keep and life is slowly returning to normal in the Blue Reach Delta. Supplies slowly trickle in to help rebuild damaged areas and the few Iron Circle stragglers are rooted out and disposed of by zealous hunters.

Dressed in fine new outfits, the group leaves the Delta once more. Stopping to pick up the Widow Vogel, they make their way to Averheim for a momentous wedding, a wedding which will hopefully bring unity to Averland at a time when it is threatened by multiple marching armies.

The week before the wedding is taken up with parties and fittings, for the group is being accorded a special place of honour for their great service to Averland. Two days before the wedding, a ceremony is held in the Plenterplatz to bestow honours on each of you. A recovering Viggo Cavindel comes forward on a cane and presents you with medals and knights you all. He also offers each a place in the Knights of the Southern Sun if any desire it. A moment of silence for those lost precedes a loud cheer for the newest heroes of Averland. More than one of you feels the effects the next day of the subsequent feast in honour of the Defenders of the Delta.

While nursing the hangover, Pieter receives his letter of discharge.

The day of the wedding dawns a crisp fall morning with nary a cloud in the sky. The townsfolk call it a blessing from Sigmar or whatever god they worship.

The wedding is grand and extravagant, befitting the joining of two great noble families. The future Elector Count, Kastor Lietdorf, serves as emcee and the mood is joyoud. Countess Ludmilla also speaks of unity and years of strife is forgotten, at least for the moment.

The reception is a more laid back affair as the nobles let their hair down a little. At one point, Kastor and a woman stop and say hello on their way to a rendezvous. Another time, Matthias comes by looking for his wayward brother. People stop to meet the Defenders of the Delta and a few eligible ladies ask to dance with the single men of the group.

Its at a lull in the music that everything changes.

“Defenders of the Delta!! Show yourselves! I bring a message from Lord Vhennyk! He wants you to know that the Iron Circle is not done with the Blue Reach Delta or Averland. Before we’re through, you will all bathe in blood!”

With that, he tosses the sack he’s holding to the ground and Kastor’s head rolls out.



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