Adelle Vogel

A Widow Farmer Struggling to Survive


The Widow Vogel lives on a farm outside of Pfungzig and across the river from the Blue Reach Delta proper. Her husband was killed in a farming accident 5 years ago caused by the major earthquake that rocked the Delta and eastern Averland. Since then, she’s struggled to raise her two children and keep the farm afloat.

One of her benefactors is a local Roadwarden who has made an effort in the last couple of years to regularly look in on the pretty widow and help when he can. There are rumours of a liaison as well, but that is unconfirmed.

Update: In addition to the confirmation that she and Pieter, the former Roadwarden and current Defender of the Delta, are a couple, its been recently revealed that she’s the descendant of Albrecht the Brave, one of the original Binders that bound the Avatar under the World’s Edge Mountains. Her blood has the power in it to either release or destroy the Avatar.

Adelle Vogel

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