Anton Deadeye

NPC Bergjaeger Member and mentor of PC Erik


Anton is a veteran member of the Bergjaeger, a special group of hunters and trappers that serve in the Mountainguard, the group that guards Blackfire Pass to the south of the Blue Reach Delta. He earned his surname after a particularly vicious Orc attack that took out many of his unit and tore his right eye almost out of its socket. The eyeball was saved, but the sight in that eye wasn’t. He didn’t let that stop him, though, and he’s retrained himself to be as accurate a shot as he was prior to losing his sight in that eye. More than one Goblinoid has lost its life thinking that being to the right of Anton was a safe position to be in.

Anton has met Erik, and is something of a mentor to him, hoping that he’ll bring his obvious talents to the Bergjaeger in the near future. He knows there’s something in Erik’s past that he’s not sharing, but he won’t press the matter, nor is he exactly without skeletons in the closet either. In the meantime, he’s always available for advice and to share teachings with the younger man of the Blue Reach Delta.

Anton Deadeye

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