Baroness Genevieve

The surviving noble wife of a murdered Baron of Talabecland


Baroness Genevieve and her children survived a kidnapping by the outlaw band, the Night Ravens, but her husband, the Baron of a Talabecland province, was not so lucky. She was helped to freedom by Erik von Dregger, a former member of that outlaw band.

The Baroness is still attractive and highly sought after by the nobles of the Empire for the prestige her station would hold for a new husband. But she is not actively seeking to fill the position, despite urgings from the Elector Count of Talabecland and from Altdorf. Her eyes are still haunted from the ordeal that killed her husband, a man she had genuine feelings for despite the arrangement of their marriage, and she still seeks the man that was responsible for the crime. She believes that his death will bring closure to the wound he’s left in her heart. Until then, she performs her noble duties and visits potential matches like she’s told. Her latest trip brings her to Averheim for the annual wine-tasting Festival.

Baroness Genevieve

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