Bernolt Eisenhauser

Head Roadwarden of Eastern Averland


Bernolt Eisenhauser is a rare breed where Roadwardens are concerned. Unlike many of his brethren in other parts of the Empire, Bernolt has a strict moral code that is unwavering, a code that has been a thorn in the side of many a smuggler and bandit throughout Averland.

A serious loner of a man, Bernolt is tall, thin, and slightly bowlegged from years in the saddle. He rarely smiles and has the discipline of a military veteran. Indeed, to him, being a Roadwarden is as important as being military, even if nearly everyone would scoff at such a thought. He tries to instill that discipline and respect into all the recruits he trains.

Pieter Konrad was the last trainee to be trained by Bernolt. With the Storm of Chaos taking many men, there’s been a dearth of new recruits for a job that has trouble finding them to begin with. The Roadwardens of eastern Averland are stretched thin, but with Bernolt on the job, things are far better than they have any right to be.

Bernolt Eisenhauser

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