Berta Lehrer

Village Elder of Drebkau


The elder of the village of Drebkau is Berta Lehrer, a charming, friendly older woman who looks after the few extended families (including hers) that call Drebkau home. A poor village, the folk of the village rely on each other for survival and are not always trusting of outsiders. Berta is the exception to that rule, and while her village has a reputation for being a little “off”, nobody thinks that of her when she visits the other villages and towns of the Delta.

What most don’t know or just ignore is that the community of Drebkau is almost entirely made up of Hedgefolk, and Berta is the Hedgewise of her people as well as their Elder. A skilled practitioner of her craft, Berta is known around the Delta for her herbal remedies and knack for bandaging up itinerant trappers and hunters that find themselves in the village after excursions into the woods south of town or the mountains to the east.

Berta and her people also saved the life of Rorannina Orphanshield and her children after their flight from the mountains 20 years ago, driving off the last of the enemies chasing the dwarves with her magic (which isn’t known to people) and healing the sick and injured in the weeks following (which is known). To this day, any threat to Berta or the village of Drebkau will bring a swift and violent response from Rorannina and all of her charges, who would sacrifice their lives in an instant to save her.

All of the PCs have met Berta at one time or another and know that she can be very helpful when they need to be patched up.

Berta Lehrer

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