Rorannina Orphanshield

Foster Mother of a group of Dwarf Children & Survivor of a Chaos Dwarf attack on Karak Varn


Rorannina Orphanshield is something of a hero to many of the locals in the Blue Reach Delta. As her honorific last name indicates, Rorannina was instrumental in saving the lives of a group of dwarven children that were trapped during an attack on Karak Varn, fending off a far larger force of enemies single-handedly while the children managed to get to safety. Eventually leading them through a long, dangerous flight to safe haven in the Blue Reach Delta, Rorannina settled down in the area to care for the children and tend her many wounds from the fight and flight.

She’s become a fixture in the Delta in the 20 or so years since that incident, and while age, permanent injuries and caring for the children she rescued have kept her from returning to stand the line with her people, she hasn’t forgotten her oaths and has trained many of her charges in the ways of the Shieldbreaker. Someday, she hopes that some of them will follow in her footsteps and stand the line in the caverns of her people.

Rorannina Orphanshield

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