Valdred & Valdric Kraemer

Twin Brothers of Handrich


Members of the Brothers of Handrich, the Kraemer twins have tracked down many that have negatively impacted the business of the cult while expanding its influence. Their latest expansion has taken them to Pfungzig, where they have purchased the holdings of a retiring businessman and established themselves in the city. This has brought them into conflict with the Ranaldians that also operate on the docks of the city, but conflict with Ranaldians is nothing new for the Brothers.

While in Pfungzig, they’ve also discovered an old member of the Brothers, Wilhelm Niederlitz, who has been gone for a long time, but not forgotten. The fact that they tossed him out a second floor window after beating him would seem to indicate that he didn’t leave under the best of circumstances. The Kraemer Twins aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty for the sake of the Cult, and those that interfere with Handrich business will have made a powerful enemy.

Valdred & Valdric Kraemer

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