Viggo Cavindel

NPC Father of Eckhardt Cavindel & Former Mercenary Captain


Viggo Cavindel is the owner of Southern Sun Keep, a small fortified castle on the banks of the Aver Reach across from Sylvania. It serves as a watch station for the Blue Reach Delta and the province of Averland against incursions by Sylvania. While actual incidents have been minor, the presence of Southern Sun Keep serves as both a deterrent and a small piece of reassurance for the people of Averland that actually know about its existence.

Viggo was a Mercenary Captain in his past, part of a group that gives the Keep its name, The Southern Suns. During his many travels, his party found itself in Estalia, where Viggo met his future wife. After the campaign they were on was finished in Estalia, he returned to the Empire with a bride and a desire to retire from active life. He built Southern Sun Keep with his earnings and settled down to start a family. He remains an active man for his age, taking in cadets to train in the military arts.

His son, Eckhardt, is in training to be an Wizard and is a PC in the campaign.

Viggo Cavindel

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