Wilhelm Niederlitz

NPC Horse Rancher & Axel's Employer


Wilhelm Niederlitz runs a large horse ranch on the eastern edge of the Blue Reach Delta. Well known for his quality steeds, he is highly respected in the Delta and by many in eastern Averland, which is something of an anomaly for horse traders. This makes him less than popular with many Averland horse traders, but thus far, he’s managed to be diplomatic enough to not anger them overly much. That he’s a small trader by comparison keeps him mostly off the radar of the more questionable traders.

Wilhelm is not particularly open about his past, although he has been in the area for nearly 10 years. He doesn’t have a noticeable accent, which makes it harder to place where he came from. He is definitely not a native Averlander, and it is something of a game amongst the gossips of the Blue Reach Delta to guess his nationality. He isn’t telling, though, so the gossips will have to live without an answer. Regardless, the people of the Blue Reach have accepted him as one of their own, and the success of his horse ranch, the only one in the Delta, has made sure his place in the region is secure.

Wilhelm is the employer of the PC Axel Tallfoot, Halfling Servant.

Wilhelm Niederlitz

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