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The Blue Reach Delta

The Blue Reach Delta is the small region that the majority of the campaign will take place. Either born & raised or a long-term resident, the party calls the area home. There are a few small settlements in the area, with one city as its focal point.

Pfungzig The most populous city in eastern Averland with 3580 people, it provides ferry service across the Blue Reach River and is close to the Moot’s border. It also gets sizable river traffic of goods to its docks and is a focal point of trade in eastern Averland.

Recently, the Cult of Handrich has made its way into the town, thanks to the efforts of the Kraemer Twins Valdred and Valdrec. This incursion into the town has caused the ever-present feud with the Cult of Ranald to reignite and tensions are high between the two factions.

Schramleben (village) The “entrance” to the Blue Reach Delta, this village is at the bridge into the Delta region and is the main village outsiders visit when coming here. The most cosmopolitan of the 4 villages in the Delta by a large margin, the village is the trade hub of the small region and is a common meeting place for people from all over the Delta. The leader of the town, at least in status if not title, is an aged Halfling and his wife, who are prosperous merchants that have lived in the town for as long as most can remember.

Hornau (village) This small village is made up of Woodsmen and Hunters that work in the forest east of the village. It also has some grape farmers living on the outskirts of it, taking advantage of some of the fine soil in the area. Blue Reach Red is a popular drink amongst the eastern Averland establishment, and its main suppliers are from Hornau.

Sigmaringen (village) This village near the southern end of the Delta was founded by a wandering Sigmarite who made a pilgrimage to the famed Blackfire Pass and then decided to stay nearby. A poorer village located near the Niederlitz horse ranch, it is made up of farmers, fishers that fish the mountain streams, and hunters from the nearby forest. A few employees of the ranch maintain a residence here with their families, also. While this village is not particularly wealthy, Wilhelm sees to it that they never go hungry by offering “extra work” in times of need to the proud residents.

Drebkau A poor village at the eastern end of the Delta, its small population is comprised almost entirely of Hedgefolk. Known for their skill with herbal medicine and the healing arts, they are well-regarded amongst the Delta, unlike the usual feelings of the Empire to their kind. This town is also the home of Rorannina and her dwarven charges, who make up the town’s militia.

Southern Sun Keep On the northern border of the Blue Reach Delta, this Keep serves as a watchstation against Sylvania and its undead threat. Run by Viggo Cavindel, a former Mercenary Captain in the Southern Suns mercenary band and his Estalian wife.

Niederlitz Horse Ranch On the east end of the Delta, this its sole horse ranch. Owned by Wilhelm Niederlitz, who came to the Delta nearly 10 years ago.

The Widow Vogel’s Farm Located just outside of the Delta on the road to Pfungzig, the farm is one of many along the river road. This farm is clearly showing the signs of not having a man around to perform repairs, but is still functional.

Outside the Delta:

Averheim The capital of the province of Averland and largest city.

Streissen A university city to the west of Averheim, it was the site of a brutal crackdown on rebellious students in the past. To this day, tensions simmer between this city and Averheim. If one was ever to want to find a group looking to overthrow the government, they wouldn’t have to look hard in Streissen.

Grenzstadt Grenzstadt is a fortress town that guards the western end of Black Fire Pass. As it is the first settlement an army invading the Empire from the south would likely have to conquer or bypass, a great deal of money and effort has been invested in its defences. Great ramparts of stone encircle the town and soldiers in the black and yellow uniform of the state of Averland patrol the walls and peer from tower windows. Dozens of black iron cannons are also deployed along the walls.
Until he was killed in an explosion engineered by the Kraemer Twins, the town was governed by a thoroughly reprehensible noble named Theodosius von Tuchtenhagen. At this time, it is governed by a military council.

Cliffside Homestead This homestead is located inside Blackfire Pass, where an extended family scrapes out a meager existence outside of the Empire. Located near Karag Dronar, the hardy folk here are willing to help those in need of assistance.

Karag Dronar An abandoned Dwarven citadel that contains the remains of some legendary Dwarfs but is also built atop the home of a sleeping Dragon Ogre. Its unique design amplifies sound traveling through its hall, producing a horn-like sound that echos through Blackfire Pass.

Blackfire Pass Located at the southeast end of Averland, Blackfire Pass is one of the most famous locations in all the Empire. The site of Sigmar’s famous final battle against Greenskins, Blackfire Pass is one of only two ways through the eastern mountains into the Empire and one that is both a vital trade route and a common entry point for invading armies. Watched over by the Bergjaeger, it is a place under constant threat but it is also the only link to the Border Princes, Tilea, and the Dwarven Karaks in the mountains, including Karak-a-Karak and Karak Varn.

Nuln Called the heart of the Empire’s culture and character by many, the third largest city of the Empire boasts renowned schools, including the Imperial Gunnery School, and is the mercantile hub of the south. It was also Axel’s home before he found out his former boss was in a Chaos cult. Led by the famous Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz, Nuln is a bustling city with all the danger and intrigue that entails.

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