David Longshanks

Halfling Brother of Terry & Mulligan. Black sheep of the family.


David Longshanks wasn’t like his brothers. Lanky and mischievous, he didn’t show much of a noble streak, like his siblings. When his brothers, Terry and Mulligan, went off to train to become Fieldwardens, David went off to find adventure. Only he found the wrong kind of people to do it with.

David’s natural agility and casual indifference to things of a criminal nature made him a valued team member of a criminal group or two. However, news of his escapades eventually reached home and once his brothers had finished their duty assignment, they came to Averheim to find their brother and bring him home.

Adventure found them all, though, and now David is trying really hard to keep on the straight and narrow working alongside his brothers, even if he sometimes has the urge to rob someone blind. After helping stop one plot to disrupt Matthias Leitdorf’s wedding, he and his brothers are setting off after bigger threats, threats which constantly threaten the borders of The Moot: Vampires. David will get to put his talents to use breaking the boys into tombs so that his brothers can deal with what’s inside. Or at least that’s the plan.

Update: During the investigation into the Blood of the Binder by the Defenders of the Delta, it was discovered that the Longshanks brothers were descendants of one of the original Binders and their blood has magical properties.

David Longshanks

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