Matthias Leitdorf

Rich merchant that shares a name with a certain Brother.


Matthias Leitdorf is the second cousin of the former (and controversial) Elector Count, Marcus Leitdorf, who died during the Storm of Chaos. A successful businessman and pillar of the community in Averheim, he runs a very profitable textiles business that supplies multiple businesses (many owned by Matthias himself) as well as the uniforms of Averland’s military and many a noble’s personal guard. In Averland, chances are good that a person owns (or is supplied) at least one garment that Matthias Leitdorf’s company played a role in making.

Matthais has spent most of his life outside of the drama that many of his family seems to attract and has stayed out of the arguments over succession, despite possibly being the best candidate for the job in the Leitdorf family. He doesn’t seem to have any of the idiosyncrasies that others in his family are known for, or at least he’s better at hiding them if he does have some. Regardless, for now, he seems content to ignore his family’s quest to regain the Elector Countship and make lots of money.

Update: Matthias, thanks to the death of his cousin Kastor, has become the head of the family in Averheim and with his marriage to a von Alptraum, has become the Elector Count-in-waiting of Averland.

Matthias Leitdorf

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